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Date: 2007-03-30 07:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alwz-spiraling.livejournal.com
Go ahead and friend me, sure. But the last few entries are sick. I had some lj drama that really pissed me off--you have been warned, okay? I was MAD mad mad. I've friended you too--hope that's okay :)

Of course you can friend me. It's only fair. Don't worry, if you take a glance at mine. You'll find that I had too many angry days lately...lol.

So how about some B&N catch up?

Greg- Quit. Has a new job with a publisher, I can't remember which one.

Debbie- Transfered to the Briarcreek Store and is getting divorced.

Jason- Is the new Headcashier

Karen-Has whooping cough and hasn't worked for almost a month.

Cathy Davis- From cafe- had major surgery in her bum...lol and she we don't know when she'll be back.

Mikey-Is moving in MN. And therefore is in the process of transfering...for a girl.

And as always it's the usual B&N bull crap with Scott pushing everyone to get more members cards, making sure Cafe' is constantly calling out names, because it makes their experience more personal. Yeah, alright.

Judy- Got written up for telling a mother who was breastfeeding her baby that it's "Disgusting and you need to put that away." in her deep, monotone voice. The customer then proceeded to take her purchases back up get them all refunded, including the coffee she was drinking and then vow to never shop B&N again.

I know you miss it...lol.

You take care as well. And I'm glad you miss you, cause we miss you a lot...especially for banter.

Talk to you soon and have a wonderful weekend.



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